When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.

The mission of Dunn University is to Recruit, Train, Develop & Retain the best skilled workforce possible while improving our communities & industries in pursuit of achieving both our corporate & individual true potential.

To achieve our true potential, each person must be empowered to affect change. You are the expert in your area and each of you understand the hurdles preventing efficiency and effectiveness in your daily tasks. You are the one who will first see the opportunity to improve our processes & procedures to create a more efficient & effective team.

We must never change for the sake of change!

As you complete this form, ask yourself the results desired if your recommendation is adopted across our 1,800 person team.

Positive Change must do one of the following:
- Decrease Time Required
- Increase Effectiveness [quality]
- Increase Efficiency [productivity]
- Improve Structure
- Increase Simplicity

***If your input is time-critical safety related, contact your safety manager or call my cell directly 205.215.5279

If you choose to submit contact information, someone from Dunn University will follow up with you to discuss your input. Inputs that result in Positive change will be rewarded with appropriate level gift card.

Thank you for your dedication to this team and our future!

Proud to be a member of this team,
Chris Stricklin
President, Dunn University