Dunn U Leader: The Dunn U Leader program involves a leadership training that is tailored to suit the needs of our employees. From the jobsite to the office, Dunn U Leaders will stand out in their companies and communities as elites in their fields.

  • IMPACT 2020: The goal of IMPACT is to pool the experiences and ideas of up and coming leaders from each of the Dunn Companies to improve the Dunn Family as a whole. The group is hand selected by Dunn Executives for their dedication to their work and the ability to adapt and adopt new solutions in their roles as managers in the construction industry. Impact 2020 meets on a quarterly basis to share insights and hone leadership skills.
  • Roadbuilders 2019: The first of the Dunn U field leadership classes consists of regular meetings over a 6-month span that was built from scratch to suit the needs of the Foremen and Superintendents at Dunn Roadbuilders. This course was developed with a combination of the latest resources in professional development and employee feedback from across Dunn Roadbuilders.